IBM300 Ice Block Maker


Uses a single chamber to cool and freeze water to form blocks of ice.

Can create:

  • one large 300 lb. block of ice.
  • 29 11-lb. blocks of ice using the 11-lb. Block Compartments.
  • 28 blocks of ice using the Snow Cone Block Compartments.


Uncrated Size: 48″ long x 30.50″ wide x 39″ high (includes casters)
Uncrated Weight: Approximately 310 lbs.
Crated Size: 54” long x 40″ wide x 46″ high
Crated Weight: Approximately 350 lbs.


Aluminum interior with a white galvanized exterior.


UL-approved electrical components used

115 Volt Standard
Other voltages optional
Single Phase
60 Hz

Amp Draw: 15.8
Minimum 20 amp circuit required


Other voltages available upon request.

Pair with an Ice Max Water Chiller to significantly reduce freezing times.

Use our Ice Max Ice Block Compartments to create many blocks of ice for various purposes, such as snow cone machines.

Store newly created ice blocks inside of our Ice Max Ice Block Storage Locker.

Products should be installed in compliance with NEC (National Electric Code), OSHA, and other regulatory agencies. All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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